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Guidelines for Chairing

Please ensure that all PowerPoint presentations for the three presenters are ready and confirm that they are correctly displayed on the computer at least five minutes before the session commences.

One minute before the session begins, the chairperson will introduce themselves and provide information on the presentation time and rules. The entire session will last for 30 minutes (or 60 minutes), with around 20 minutes (50 minutes for a 60-minute presentation) dedicated to the presentation itself. Afterwards, there will be a minimum of 5 minutes for a Q&A session. To ensure that everyone has a chance to participate, ask the audience to keep their questions brief. Inform the audience that Padlet is available for comments and further questions, and they can access it by scanning the QR code on your name tag.

At the beginning of the session, introduce the presentation title, the presenter's name, and affiliation.


The presentation time is approximately 20 minutes (50 minutes for a 60-minute presentation). There will be no bell ring to indicate the end of the presentation. Timekeeping will be done using a smartphone.


At the 15-minute mark, provide a notification that there are only 5 minutes remaining in the presentation. When the 20-minute mark is reached, provide a notification that the presentation has come to an end. At this point, kindly ask the presenter to wrap up their presentation immediately by presenting the conclusion. If their presentation continues beyond the 25-minute mark, the chairperson will stop it and move on to the Q&A session. The entire presentation should end within 27 minutes, allowing 3 minutes for the next presenter to set up.

If there is no one to ask questions, the chairperson will ask them on their behalf. It is recommended that you go through their abstracts beforehand and prepare relevant questions.

During a Q&A session, please moderate discussions. If one person's question or comment exceeds a two-minute time limit, the chairperson politely requests them to keep it brief.

Around the 27-minute mark, the chairperson will wrap up the Q&A session and suggest that the audience post their comments or further questions on Padlet if they have any.

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