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International Network for Translingual Japanese ​


ICNTJ (International Network for Translingual Japanese) is an open network that fosters dialogue among individuals worldwide who are engaged in mobility of language, society, culture and education. It is particularly a network for researchers and practitioners who are engaged in heritage languages and translingual Japanese, including children, educators, parents, and practical organizations. It was launched in Sydney on September 3, 2023.


  1. To create a platform for researchers and practitioners (including children, educators, and parents) from around the world to engage in dialogue on translingual and heritage languages.

  2. To nurture networks within the field of Japan studies and Japanese language communities by sharing practices and research related to Japanese language education as a translingual or heritage language, as well as the education of children with foreign roots residing in Japan.

  3. To create a space for interaction and dialogue among young individuals, parents, supporters, and educational organizations from diverse countries, for whom Japanese is one of the languages in their repertoire.

  4. To provide a platform for researchers from around the world who focus on mobility of people, language, society, culture, and education to gather and engage in dialogue.



Makiko Matsuda : Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Thomson Kinoshita Chihiro:UNSW, Australia


[1] Holding an international academic and educational exchange event (ICNTJ once every four years)

[2] Activities in the International Connection Language Network (study group + research presentation, online) 

[3] Information sharing by bulletin board

Network/participating organizations

As of September 6, 2023

[1] Australian Connected Language Research Group

[2] CLD-Online



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